Contrast blocks



Introduce your child to the world of creative play with the Contrast Blocks. This set features blocks with composition cards, providing endless possibilities for imaginative play and pattern laying.

The contrasting images on the cards captivate young minds, stimulating focus and curiosity while promoting the development of new neural connections in their brain.

Ideal for children of all ages, these versatile blocks are suitable for building, tracing shapes, or playing guessing games with your child.

Product Details:

  • Set includes 60 wooden blocks, each measuring 4×4 cm
  • 28 composition cards for imaginative play and pattern laying
  • Block thickness: 6.5 mm, perfect for various activities
  • Designed to foster sight and logical thinking development
  • Comes with a gray linen bag for convenient storage

Encourage interactive play with your child or peers, arranging compositions from the chosen cards for added fun.

Order your Contrast Blocks today and witness the wonders of imaginative play and cognitive growth in your child.