Rainbow Set & Balance Board


Color: Pastel

This set of stacking stones from Stapelstein contains 6 vibrant pastel colors, plus one balance board with fun pastel confetti colors. This makes any room or practice space a great playground for movement. The vivid colors motivate kids of various ages to mix and match, creating different play patterns.

The stacking stones are also perfect for therapy applications as well as child care. They bring more movement, play, and imagination into children's everyday lives.

You can get even more game ideas with the free Stapelstein app - over 60 ideas available to download now!

Key Features

  • Eco-friendly and Climate-conscious
  • Made in Germany
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Package Contents:6x Stapelstein in the colors; 1x violet, 1x light blue, 1x mint green 1x yellow, 1x orange, 1x pink + 1x pastel confetti balance board.
  • Each Stackstone is a mere 180 grams but can support a remarkable 180 kg in weight.
  • The weight of the balance board is 268 grams and is loadable up to 120 kg
  • Dimensions stepping stone: Diameter: 27.5 cm and Height: 12 cm.
  • Dimensions balance board: Diameter: 35.5 cm and height: 8.4 cm
  • The stepping stone's raised edge adds an extra layer of stability and support.
  • Playing safely is a top priority, with no sharp corners, water resistance, saliva resistance, bite resistance, and UV resistance.