Wooden Lacing Toy Set - City of the Childhood


Color: Natural

The lacing toy is  a versatile and educational tool designed to foster key developmental skills in children. From enhancing fine motor skills and cognitive abilities to encouraging creativity and independent play, this product offers a great blend of learning and fun

    Developmental Benefits:

    • Motor Skills: Enhances precision and control in physical movements.
    • Hand-Eye Coordination: Improves the synchronization of visual and motor skills.
    • Cognitive Abilities: Stimulates thinking, problem-solving, and memory.
    • Patience: Cultivates the ability to persist and remain calm during challenges.
    • Spatial Awareness: Develops an understanding of the surrounding environment and object relationships.


    • Components: 6 houses, 1 base, linen bag, linen laces, sun, moon, 2 stars, 2 clouds
    • Materials: Solid wood, cotton laces
    • Coating (Color Version): Non-toxic water-based paint
    • Age Recommendation: 2+