Hello! We are so happy to be opening our new shop AlmaVida. 

A little bit about ourselves, we are a blended multicultural family. I am from Portugal and my husband from the Netherlands.

We have a beautiful daughter together and I also have two amazing bonus sons.

Since getting pregnant I read and investigated a lot trying to find what was best for my daughter. Of course being my first child I wished everything to be perfect and just like I wanted. 

Through her birth and now in the toddler phase, I struggled to find products that I thought to work the best for our family.

There are amazing products out there, but many are so expensive or difficult to ship out to the Netherlands.

So, since then, I've been thinking, how can we improve this and can we be a part of that change?

Eighteen months after the birth of Eva, we opened our shop, and are now working daily to improve it and expand the product line.

We are focusing on baby/toddler products (shoes, clothing, toys and decor).

This is our story. I hope in another eighteen months to be here to share our progress.

Thank you for reading along! 

Maria João Alves Portela