At AlmaVida, we are a family-owned business with a passion for providing high-quality products that promote the natural growth and development of children. We are a blended family, with a proud Portuguese mother and an adventurous Dutch father. Together, we have a beautiful daughter and two amazing (bonus) kids. We understand the importance of creating a caring and inclusive environment where children can learn and grow, regardless of their background or upbringing.

Our journey began when we were searching for products for our own children. We wanted products that would help our children thrive and develop in a natural way. That's when we stumbled upon the world of Montessori and sensory inspired activities. We were immediately drawn to the natural, sustainable, and holistic approach to supporting children's development, and knew that we wanted to share these Montessori products with other families.

Driven by our love for our own children and our desire to support other families, we decided to start our own shop. Our goal is to provide parents and educators with a carefully curated selection that help children thrive, while also promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness.

At our Montessori play shop, we believe that every child is unique and has the potential to learn, grow, and explore in their own way. We are committed to providing products that support this natural process and to helping parents and educators create an environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong love of learning.