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Stapelstein®, a German company, is on a mission to create vibrant, movement-focused spaces for children's holistic development. Embracing values such as courage, clarity, openness, and trust, Stapelstein® stands out for its commitment to daring to be different, dreaming big, and maintaining transparency in all endeavors. The company believes in thoughtful actions, welcomes the unknown with genuine interest, and ensures reliability, fostering an environment where dreams become reality.

In line with its philosophy, Stapelstein® champions inclusivity, treating everyone with respect, regardless of age, origin, gender, or physical abilities. Actively involving children, adults, and experts in product development, the company seeks to understand diverse life experiences and address daily challenges. Stapelstein® takes pride in its sustainable practices, prioritizing local, climate-neutralized, and pollutant-free production in Germany. Their products, crafted from resource-saving EPP, boast timeless designs, durability, and 100% recyclability, reflecting a dedication to environmental responsibility.