The Clever Idea Behind Lorena Canals

Lorena Canals is a name synonymous with innovation and practicality. Imagine rugs that are not only beautiful but also machine washable! Yes, you read that right. Lorena Canals creates wonderful cotton and wool rugs that you can pop into the washing machine to clean. These rugs are perfect for kids’ bedrooms, play areas, and high-traffic zones—making them a hit with parents everywhere.

From Garage to Global Business

Lorena’s journey began two decades ago when she watched her daughters play. She wondered why washable rugs weren’t readily available in the market. Determined to fill this gap, she took matters into her own hands. Initially, manufacturers didn’t quite grasp her idea, but Lorena persisted. Today, her business has grown from a home garage to a global enterprise.

Design, Ethics, and Sustainability

Lorena wears many hats—designer, businesswoman, and practical thinker. She oversees every aspect of her company, from product design to packaging solutions. And her rugs? They’re not just practical; they’re also stylish. Lorena’s washable rugs come in a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes, catering to different tastes and spaces.

But it’s not just about rugs. Lorena Canals also creates other textiles, including blankets, cushions, poufs, baskets, and wall decor. And here’s the heartwarming part: Lorena’s commitment extends beyond her business. She provides employment opportunities for women in India through fair trade conditions. Her factory in India employs 150 artisans who meticulously craft the intricate details that finish off each rug.

A Sustainable Choice for Every Home

Whether you’re decorating a nursery, revamping your living room, or adding a touch of warmth to your kitchen, Lorena Canals has something for you. Their rugs are nontoxic, natural, and high-quality. Plus, they’re durable, making them a sustainable choice for conscious consumers.

Join the Movement

Visit AlmaVidaKids to explore Lorena Canals’ washable rugs and other delightful products. Let’s celebrate practicality, style, and sustainability—one washable rug at a time.

Remember, with Lorena Canals, your home can be both beautiful and easy to maintain. 🌿🌟

Maria João Alves Portela