Montessori Pull Up Bar



Introducing our Adjustable Pull Up Bar - the perfect addition to your home gym or play area! This versatile bar can be adjusted in length, with a standard size of 1.2m. It is ideal for use over mirrors that are up to 1m wide, providing a safe and convenient workout space.


  • Material: Sustainably grown solid spruce wood
  • No plywood or veneer
  • Coating: Avoids varnishes or paints for a safe and pure environment
  • Dimensions: Adjustable length, standard size of 1.2m

With its rounded corners, this pull-up bar prioritizes safety and comfort. Designed to empower your child and promote independence, it is made from sustainably grown solid spruce wood. We prioritize your child's well-being by avoiding the use of varnishes or paints, ensuring a safe and pure environment.

Made in Europe from European FSC wood, this pull-up bar is a durable and eco-friendly choice. It comes flat packed and requires assembly, with all screws included. Basic plugs are also provided, but it's important to adjust them to the specific type of wall you intend to drill into.

Enhance your fitness routine or create an active play space with our Adjustable Pull-Up Bar!

Support Natural Development:

Our Montessori Pull-Up Bar supports babies' natural progression of physical development. When your baby reaches for the bar and pulls themselves to a standing position, their muscles are developed enough to support this action. By installing this bar in their environment, you optimize their development during this critical stage.

Versatile Usage:

Aside from practicing pulling to a stand, this bar can be used for various activities such as two-footed jumps and even diaper changes. Changing diapers at the pull-up bar is an excellent way to avoid struggles on the changing table and involve your child in the diapering process.

Prerequisite to Toilet Learning:

Changing diapers at the pull-up bar provides a great transitional step between diapering and toilet training. It helps your child become accustomed to standing and sets the stage for a smoother transition to using the toilet. Many children find this method a helpful prerequisite to toilet learning.

Experience the benefits of our Adjustable Pull-Up Bar and support your child's development journey!