Climbing Set: Triangle Ladder | Climbing Arch | Slide Board/Ramp | Rope Ladder | Arch Cushion | Art Addition

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The main items of this set are the Triangle Ladder and the Climbing Arch, while the Slide Board/Ramp and the Climbing Net are used to traverse between the climbing frames. You can also flip the slide over and use it as a ramp to climb onto the ladders. All the products are designed following the Montessori method - the perfect way to help your little one develop muscle strength, balance control, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and self-confidence.

This set can be connected together in a variety of ways, allowing children to use their imagination and create new play spaces.


All items in the set are made of natural materials, the surface is perfectly sanded, then coated with natural oils. This allows the set to be used both indoors and outdoors. The sturdy construction prevents most falls, so kids can climb, step, and push comfortably.


  • Triangle Ladder: Double-sided ladder designed for safe climbing, suitable for children with developing coordination. Large usable area allows engagement of multiple children at once.
  • Climbing Arch: Perfect for toddlers to hold onto as they learn to stand. Can also be used as a balance board for older kids.
  • Climbing Net: Constructed from natural wood and durable cotton fiber, adjustable and safe for climbing and play.
  • Slide: Two-sided design with a smooth slide on one side and a climbing ramp with 5 wooden planks on the other. Can also be used as a bridge between other climbing structures.
  • Art addition: Adjustable table with an easel, this art station is a multi-functional haven for little artists.


  • Complete Set Dimensions: 302 cm
  • Complete Set Weight: 21.9 kg
  • Triangle Ladder Dimensions: 60 cm (Length) x 104 cm (Height)
  • Climbing Arch Dimensions: 104 cm (Length) x 53 cm (Width) x 55 cm (Height)
  • Climbing Net Dimensions: 104 cm (Length) x 47 cm (Width)
  • Slide Dimensions: 104 cm (Length) x 36,5 cm (Width)
  • Cushion for climbing arch: 135 (Length) x 50 cm (Width)
  • Art addition: 47 (Length) x 54 cm (Width)