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Goodevas is a brand born from the heartfelt vision of three lifelong friends and joyful parents - Alex Slobodyanyk, Jane, and Alex Tsilyk. Founded in Kyiv, Ukraine's scenic heartland, in 2017, their mission is to positively influence every child's happiness and holistic growth through their captivating wooden toys and products. With a strong commitment to quality, safety, and an enjoyable user experience, Goodevas crafts toys that engage and educate children globally.

Embrace the spirit of active play found in their range, featuring elements like swings, nurturing agility, independence, and curiosity in young adventurers. As they continually innovate, Goodevas aims to create a brighter future for our beloved children, one product at a time. Come join their enchanting journey, where imaginations bloom, and smiles light up the faces of little explorers worldwide.