Leg&go is dedicated to nurturing happy and active childhoods while upholding environmental responsibility. Rooted in the belief in the transformative potential of well-designed functional products, their balance bikes extend beyond physical balance, aiming to instill creativity, curiosity, and a spirit of adventure in young individuals.

Conceived by Egon Garklavs, a seasoned designer and engineer with a 30-year passion for functionality, the leg&go bike stands as a testament to extraordinary transformability, adaptability, durability, and a commitment to eco-conscious practices. Each bike carries the legacy of three generations, with Egon's son, Atis, leading the company, and his grandchildren serving as the most reliable testers.

With a vision that harmonizes innovation, responsibility, and family values, every leg&go bike is meticulously crafted with the same care and commitment to both the young riders and the planet. From the initial prototype to the latest production, the goal remains to bring the joy of safe outdoor fun to more children while leaving a positive impact on the shared world.