Climbing Set: Triangle Ladder | Climbing Arch | Slide Board/Ramp


Color: Beige

This versatile Montessori-inspired play set encourages cognitive development, emotional growth, and physical well-being. Help your little one build strength, balance, coordination, and confidence. Suitable for ages 1 to 7 years.


  • Triangle ladder - a foundational adjustable climbing element (5 possible positions).
  • Climbing arch - promotes climbing and doubles as a rocker or cozy nook.
  • Slide/ramp - allows easy access between the arch and triangle, with a reversible slide for added fun.

This play set is designed for compatibility and endless play possibilities. Crafted from natural materials, it's safe for indoor and outdoor use. Sturdy construction ensures secure climbing, stepping, and pushing.

Dimensions & Weight:

Set dimensions: 210 cm
Set weight: 15.89 kg