Cushion for Climbing Arch



The arch cushion is an excellent accessory that provides optimal support for children while they enjoy their rocking activity. Made with the Montessori principles in mind, it is crafted with utmost care and precision to ensure that every user experiences the highest level of comfort and safety, regardless of age. This cushion boasts a soft and lightweight design, which provides exceptional comfort during use. The natural cotton material, coupled with a hypoallergenic holo-fiber filling, guarantees that it is safe and cozy for babies. Moreover, the cushion is designed with four ties on each corner that securely fasten it to the arch rocker, ensuring stability and ease of use. With this, users can enjoy the cushion without the risk of slipping or sliding off. For parents searching for the perfect gift for Christmas, a baby shower, or a birthday party, this cushion is a great choice. It is an exceptional product that children will undoubtedly cherish and use frequently.


  • Cushion size: 135 x 50 cm
  • Weight: 1 kg