Weekly Planner


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Children often have little awareness of time and frequently ask what’s going to happen next and when. They enjoy having control over their day or week. With this convenient weekly planner, children can easily see a clear overview of their daily and weekly schedule.

Product details:

This weekly planner includes 46 pictograms, 1 "today" pictogram, and 2 holders to set up the planner.

You can also expand this weekly planner with additional pictogram sets.

The following 46 pictograms come standard with the planner:

  • 5x school
  • 3x playtime
  • 7x vacation
  • 2x grandparents
  • 7x screen time
  • 3x home
  • 5x homework
  • 3x sports
  • 3x shopping
  • 3x appointment
  • 2x family time
  • 3x blank for customization


  • Weekly planner: 39.3 cm x 39.3 cm
  • Pictograms: 4 cm x 4 cm