Emma the Magnetic Doll



The doll can be dressed in several ways – combine the winter set with the summer one, match the dress with a sweater, and enrich the suit with a T-shirt.

Each element has a different pastel color and they are packed in a dedicated cardboard garment with snaps.

It’s great fun, every child loves to observe the attraction and repulsion of magnets. The doll form is an additional element that adds color to the fun.

Product Details:

  • Set contains: a doll and 5 clothing pieces embedded with magnets
  • Age Recommendation: 3+
  • Dimensions: 22 x 14.5 cm
  • Material: melamine birch plywood
  • Certifications: CE, EN71, and FSC®

Why magnetic games are a great gift for children:

  1. Stimulates Curiosity: Magnetic games intrigue toddlers, encouraging them to explore the concepts of attraction and repulsion, sparking curiosity about the world around them.

  2. Develops Fine Motor Skills: Manipulating magnetic pieces hones fine motor skills as toddlers grasp, pull, and attach the magnets, enhancing their dexterity and coordination.

  3. Encourages Creativity: Magnetic games allow toddlers to experiment with shapes, colors, and patterns, fostering creative thinking and imaginative play.

  4. Enhances Cognitive Development: Through hands-on exploration, toddlers grasp fundamental concepts of cause and effect, laying the groundwork for early cognitive development.

  5. Promotes Sensory Awareness: The tactile experience of handling magnetic pieces enhances sensory awareness, providing a multisensory learning experience.